Newspaper Delivery Man Arrested While Being At Work

Posted By on Mar 8, 2016 |

In Van Buren County, a man who was delivering newspapers has been arrested due to a high level of alcohol in blood. He had five times bigger dose over the legal limit, this was his fourth count and he was charged with driving under influence.

The Van Buren Country Sheriff’s Office together with the deputy Brian Matthews prevented the man from going into the area that was temporary closed because of the accident that occurred last Thursday. Due to high intoxication, man wasn’t able to stay on the road for more information visit this site.

Deputy Matthews concluded that man, 44 years old, residence Paw Paw, was drunk driving, he arrested him and took him into custody.

While being in the custody, police discovered that he was previously arrested three times for driving under influence. During the investigation they found lot of empty beer cans in his car.

His name is still unknown and was not released to the press.The law obligates every driver to operate a car or any kind of motor vehicle free of any kind of substances that can clear his judgement. Depending on the criminal nature, he may be charged with a penalty or his driving license may be taken away.

Most states of U.S prosecutes driving under influence in three ways. First one is conducted based on level of alcohol in the blood, legal limit is .08%. Second case is when the level of the alcohol in the blood cannot be measured, or it didn’t get to legal limit. In this case the state must prove that driver represent a threat to public safety. The third case is when state has to prove that driver was in physical control of the vehicle. This is proved when blood is taken from a driver, but opposite to other cases, in this one the driver doesn’t need to drive a car. It is sufficient that he is sitting in driving seat and holding the keys .

In the state of California, a driver who operates commercial vehicle, mustn’t have .04% of alcohol in his blood. They have strict regulations and that why lot of practice law in this field.

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