Bicyclist Killed By A Driver Under Influence

Posted By on Mar 8, 2016 |

The circumstances are still unknown, but the police stated that one cyclist was killed by a woman driver who was under influence of drugs. The unfortunate man was struck on Staten Island. The accident occurred at 5:30 p.m. early on Tuesday.


Police have reported that man who suffered fatal injuries was Stanley Marshal, he had 59 years and was at the moment of accident riding a bike on Richmond Avenue.

He was hit by a car which attempted to turn left. Even though paramedic arrived shortly and took him to hospital, he was pronounced dead.

The driver of the car, Lisa Martini, who has 52 years was arrested on a charge while driving under influence of drugs. It’s still unknown if she has hired a lawyer.
These type of cases have increased recently and people aren’t aware enough how drugs can influence on their brain. For example: marijuana can impact on reaction time and impair judgment of distance and time. People who use cocaine become aggressive and reckless while driving and usage of different type of sedatives may impact on drives to feel disoriented. Drivers aren’t able to keep their attention on the road and they have poor reactions.

One of the cities in U.S. that take this matter really seriously is Seattle and visit this site.

People who use drugs while driving can’t be tested in the proper way, mainly because of these conditions: Still doesn’t exist roadside test to measure the level of drugs in the organism. Drivers aren’t submitted to test because they are legal for use of alcohol and if the police have the enough evidence for DUI, it doesn’t test them on drugs. Lot of drivers who caused accidents had besides of alcohol few types of drugs in their system and it was hard to determine which of substances had the bigger effect.

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